Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s Disease is a chronic, progressive neurological disorder that can affect majorly an individual’s memory and ability to communicate. According to recent studies, Alzheimer’s is caused by a combination of genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. The cell damage usually starts in the area of the brain that controls memory and may start years before the first symptoms become noticed. Gradually, the cell damage expands to other areas of the human brain, causing the brain to shrink in the long term.

Diagnosis of Real Causes & Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease:

– Without “special diets” and deprivation
– Without any chemical and pharmaceutical substances
– Treatments that act individually or in combination, without side effects

The main and most notable symptom of Alzheimer’s disease is memory loss. Gradually, other symptoms such as difficulty in concentrating, mood swings, apathy, irritability, aggressiveness, insomnia, delusions, extensive forgetfulness and/or social withdrawal can arise.

Your Online Health Specialist will address a series of targeted questions to you, to assess whether your symptoms could be indicative of Alzheimer’s Disease. Then your specialist may recommend a specialized blood test, an MRI scan or other molecular-level diagnostic tests to confirm the diagnosis. In most cases a consultation with a Neurologist may be suggested. Your personalized treatment plan will be based upon the diagnostic tests results, the symptoms described and your medical history overall.

Our platform provides an innovative environment that enables an almost in-person experience between the Health Specialist and the patient. In this environment your Specialist will explain the components, duration and health benefits of your personalized treatment plan. This treatment plan may be accompanied by a Molecular Nutrition program that will be compiled after a distinct online consultation with our Molecular Nutritionist and will aim towards achieving even higher levels of health and well-being along with ameliorating the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.