Vission & Mission

Vission & Mission

Vission & Mission

Functional Medicine employs a systems-biology approach to identify the real cause(s) of a disease and then addresses it. This perspective came into existence and evolved from the need of a personalized approach to disease causes, based on all those novel findings in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Epigenetics. After all, the Functional approach became feasible only through the information gained by novel biochemical and molecular diagnostic methods, that few years ago were available only at an Academic level.

Any biochemical imbalance left untreated, will sooner or later manifest in the form of a disease. To this end, we put the entire novel scientific knowledge in use, so that all those Biochemical-Metabolic cellular imbalances become addressed, thus restoring the optimal function of cellular metabolic mechanisms.

Our mission is to:

  • Serve a system that constantly leads to higher levels of health and well-being
  • Not only improve people’s everyday life, but also promote life itself, as experienced by each one of us individually. 

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