Step 1: Sign up on the telemedicine platform check that you have paid and fill in Medical History. Also, you should upload all tests results of the last semester (if available).

Step 2: Select Date & Time and schedule an online consultation with the Health Specialist.

Step 3: Log into your profile for the scheduled appointment. When you are online, you could start your medical consultation. During your first consultation, the Health Specialist will inform you about the necessary medical exams that you should do.

During your first medical consultation, the Health specialist will recommend you the appropriate diagnostic tests, if the medical exams, that you already have uploaded, do not cover the diagnosis of your disease.

You could do the diagnostic test at Special Diagnostic Centers while for some special diagnostic exams, it will be sent to you a medical kit, in order to complete the exams and send it back to us.

Based on the results of the diagnostic tests, the Health Specialist will complete the diagnosis and determine the Medication that you should receive, as well as the time that you will need to be observed for the treatment of your disease. These instructions will be given to you in detail and the treatment will be sent to you by post.

Please list all the medications that you are currently receiving and all recent laboratory checks. The first appointment lasts about 45 minutes, so please make sure you have adequate time for this. In any other case, you can have any relevant information from our Information Department.

Once you decide to consult with our medical practice, please send all your previous laboratory tests, as well as a list of the medications and any other formulations you might take or have taken during the past year.

Your Online Health Specialist may request new or more specialized laboratory tests.

Yes, because before you book an appointment, you should complete your Medical History first, upload your recent exams, and make your online payment.

Therapeutic Protocols applied individually or in combination last from 6 to 24 months. For Chronic Metabolic and Autoimmune Diseases, the duration and extent of the treatment depend on many factors, as well as the current status of your health.

For the most chronic, metabolic and autoimmune diseases the cure rates (i.e. no occurrence of the disease for at least five years) are high (more than 60%). We can claim the cure of a disease when the latter has not re-occurred for a minimum period of 5 years.  

The cost of the Online Medical consultation is adjusted so that it is comparable to the cost of a Primary Healthcare system consultation. Patients do not pay more than they would to consult another doctor, while in some cases they may pay even less

When you complete the treatment, your Online Health Specialist will provide you with written instructions and may suggest a biochemical/hormonal preventive check up every 1-2 years, depending on each case.