Graves' Disease

Graves' Disease

Graves' Disease

Grave’s disease is an autoimmune pathological condition that affects the thyroid gland function. It is more common among women and the onset begins usually before the age of 40. In this disease, the immune system mistakenly produces antibodies known as thyrotropin receptor antibodies (TRab), that attach to the cells of the thyroid gland, causing it to produce large amounts of thyroid hormones. This condition is known as hyperthyroidism. There are many factors that increase the risk of the disease, such as smoking, the co-existence of other autoimmune disorders such as Rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes type 1 and a positive for the disease family history. 

Diagnosis of Real Causes & Treatment of Grave’s Disease :

– Gradual restoration of cellular function
– Personalized therapeutic protocols, without chemical residues and excipients
– Treating the real causes
– Therapeutic formulas that work alone or in combination with any other medication
– Adopting a Molecular / Therapeutic Nutrition Plan

The clinical manifestations of Grave’s disease include fatigue, anxiety, bulging eyes (Grave’s opthalmopathy), palpitations, weight loss, menstrual cycle irregularities or loss of sexual desire (libido). Grave’s opthalmopathy is a condition present in about 30% of people with Grave’s disease in which the muscles and tissue around the eyes are affected.

Your Online Health Specialist will address a series of targeted questions to you, to assess whether your symptoms could be indicative of Grave’s disease. Then your specialist may recommend a specialized blood or antibodies test, a thyroid gland ultrasound or other molecular-level diagnostic tests to confirm the diagnosis. Your personalized treatment plan will be based upon the diagnostic tests results, the symptoms described and your medical history overall.

Our platform provides an innovative environment that enables an almost in-person experience between the Health Specialist and the patient. In this environment your Specialist will explain the components, duration and health benefits of your personalized treatment plan. This treatment plan may be accompanied by a Molecular Nutrition program that will be compiled after a distinct online consultation with our Molecular Nutritionist and will aim towards achieving even higher levels of health and well-being along with alleviating not only the symptoms but the true causes of Grave’s disease.

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