Is it normal to feel so tired?

How much effort does it take to get out of bed in the morning and get ready ?

Do you sometimes wake up in the morning tired no matter how well you slept?Do you feel drowsy during the course of the day and struggleto “get on your feet”?

Symptoms such as muscle weakness, headaches, insomnia and constant fatigue for no apparent or obvious reason are not normal.

In 1800 for the first time in medical texts conditions of chronic fatigue without obvious causeswere described.

In fact, in 1830 the first relevant treatment was given.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

It is characterized as an invisible disease that while it does not present pathological symptoms an individual lacks energy and mood in relation to his normal daily activities.

In recent decades, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has been associated to the adrenal glands and it is also known as “Adrenal Fatigue”.

According to statistics, more and more people literally suffer from this modern disease which occurs when the body is constantly under stress., The organism’s homeostasisis affected and the adrenal glands can no longer support the normal functions of the body. The affected individuals start to consider the resulting fatigue as normal and gradually fail to fulfill their daily activities. Nowadays, innovative diagnostic tests can detect the biochemical and molecular “footprints” of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, thus enabling Health Specialists to address it. it should be noted that a personalized therapeutic approach based on the results of the diagnostic tests, represents the Modern Medical response to this syndrome. By this approach, the affected person will gradually return to the previous levels of well-being and energy.


Dr. Nikoleta Koini, M.D.

Doctor of Functional, Preventive, Anti-ageing and Restorative Medicine.
Diplomate and Board Certified in Anti-aging, Preventive, Functional and Regenerative Medicine from A4M (American Academy in Antiaging Medicine).



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