Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome is a potentially dangerous organic syndrome particularly associated with the modern way of living. It is characterized by a combination of cardiovascular risk factors of metabolic etiology, the most important of which are hypertension, abdominal obesity, dyslipidemia and blood sugar disorders. Increased bodyweight, an unhealthy lifestyle, stress and malnutrition are risk factors that significantly influence the development of the syndrome. Metabolic syndrome significantly increases the risk for type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Diagnosis of Real Causes & Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome :

– Gradual restoration of cellular function
– Personalized therapeutic protocols, without chemical residues and excipients
– Treating the real causes
– Therapeutic formulas that work alone or in combination with any other medication
– Adopting a Molecular / Therapeutic Nutrition Plan

Most of the disorders associated with Metabolic Syndrome, do not have obvious symptoms. Nevertheless, individuals suffering from Metabolic Syndrome may notice increase in waist circumference, fatigue, increased thirst and urination and/or blurry vision.

Your Online Health Specialist will address a series of targeted questions to you, to assess whether your symptoms could be indicative of Metabolic Syndrome. Then your specialist may recommend a specialized blood test or other molecular-level diagnostic tests to identify possible hormonal and/or biochemical imbalances. In some cases a consultation with a Cardiologist may be recommended. Your personalized treatment plan will be based upon the diagnostic tests results, the symptoms described and your medical history overall. Our platform provides an innovative environment that enables a realistic experience between the Health Specialist and the patient. 

In this environment your Specialist will explain the components, duration and health benefits of your personalized treatment plan. This treatment plan will be accompanied by a Molecular Nutrition program that will be compiled after a distinct online consultation with our Molecular Nutritionist and will aim towards achieving even higher levels of health and well-being along with alleviating not only the symptoms but the true causes of Metabolic Syndrome.

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