The “Smart” Diagnostic Tests of Molecular Medicine

What exactly is going on deep inside our cells and how many of these chemical reactions affect our health? Where are the keys and mechanisms, the causes of Chronic and Autoimmune diseases?

Measuring the biochemical parameters inside our cells is a huge leap for accurate diagnosis of the actual condition of health of our body.

Resembling Armstrong when he stepped into the moon. For medical science even infinitely greater.

For the last fifty year, chronic and autoimmune diseases have decimated the population and are behind the leading causes of death worldwide.

In 2015, the World Health Organization stated that 88% of the population suffered from a Chronic Disease.

The possibilities of conventional examinations up until a few years ago could reach the level of tissues. Our ability to see and cure was technically limited.

Deep inside the Cell


The cell is the basis of the structural and functional composition of an organism. In particular, identical cells are linked together to form a tissue, different tissues are combined to form an organ, different organs work together to form a system that performs a particular function of the organism, and finally all systems together create an organism.

Molecular and metabolic examinations create a complete diagnostic cell profile, since they measure with absolute precision what exactly happens at the cell level.

More specifically they meassure,

The oxidation of our body from free radicals

Chronic Inflammation


The deficiency of our immune system


Deficiencies or redundancies of micro-nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes

Hormonal Imbalances


Mutations in DNA

After receiving the results, we are able, with the help of algorithms and fractions, to recommend treatments that are personalized and strictly targeted to the causes of the Disease.

Clinical treatment has made a tremendous step in the treatment of Chronic, Metabolic and Autoimmune Diseases.

The system of Functional Medicine that has promoted and serves the approach of the “whole” through the structural unit of life that is the cell, provides answers to the causes of numerous chronic Diseases. This is also the real revolution that has been made through the new data and diagnostic capabilities we have.

These examinations are conducted exclusively in Certified Laboratories of both America and Greece, check markers and factors at cell level to “photograph” the causes of any disease, but also to be the right diagnostic tool for the Doctor. The biomarkers examined are hundreds. The cost of the tests has dropped dramatically and is now affordable for everyone.

Molecular Cell Tests, are a major weapon in the treatment of Chronic, Metabolic and Autoimmune Diseases.


Dr. Nikoleta Koini, M.D.

Doctor of Functional, Preventive, Anti-ageing and Restorative Medicine.
Diplomate and Board Certified in Anti-aging, Preventive, Functional and Regenerative Medicine from A4M (American Academy in Antiaging Medicine).

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